Pardal, Fábrica de Pincelaria

Pardal produz em Portugal
Develop, produce and sell high quality painting
accessories that are able to give customers
the guarantee of a superior finish and performance
on any job undertaken with Pardal products.
This high quality arises from the special care in
selecting the raw materials, production processes
used and the strict quality control of products.
Pardal's mission is also to ensure it constantly has
the capacity to create value and ensure the
sustainability of the business. 
To be a benchmark of excellence in terms of quality and innovation of its products and increase market share and recognition of the Pardal brand both nationally and internationally. 
Pardal’s positioning in relation to its stakeholders reflects its following fundamental values:
Pardal has a policy of great diligence in relation
to its investment policy, ensuring the highest
quality of the materials it produces and sells and
complying with its responsibilities to customers,
suppliers and employees.   
Pardal has always been an innovative company. This core value ensures it is always updating its equipment, raw materials and production processes contributing to the development of competitive advantages over the rest of the market. Currently the company offers the main rollers with a modern handle made of two materials that is comfortable and easily fits into the hand.
The company always aims to exceed customers' expectations, always demonstrating high quality, flexibility, availability and honesty in its relations with customers and guaranteeing their maximum satisfaction.  
Pardal implements the best safety and environmental protection practices to ensure on the one hand that employees are not exposed to the risks of the activity and ensuring their well-being and, on the other hand, that the adverse effects of its activities on the environment are reduced. Pardal obtained certification of its guarantee of quality according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, in 2000, thus becoming the first and only company in Portugal in this field with quality certification.